Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Slamdance Film Festival Award Winners

Winner is in *BLUE. To check complete list of award winners go here.


If I have problems with some films in Sundance just imagine with Slamdance; but there are two films that seems could be interesting, one from Chile and another by Mark Jackson. These are the films in the Narrative Feature category.

Atrocious, Fernando Barreda Luna, Mexico and Spain
Beneath Contempt, Benjamin Brewer, USA
Drama, Matias Lira, Chile
Fred & Vinnie, Steve Skrovan, USA
Modern Imbecile’s Planet World, Doug Manley, USA
Pleasant People, Dave Bonawits, USA
Silver Tongues, Simon Arthur, USA
Snow on tha Bluff, Damon Russell, USA
*Stranger Things, Eleanor Burke and Ron Eyal, UK and USA
The Beast Pageant, Albert Birney and Jon Moses, USA
Without, Mark Jackson, USA

To check info and watch some trailers go here.

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