Sunday, November 28, 2010


I had to watch this movie! Not because I’m a sci-fi fan (I’m not), not because the story (aliens in Mexico of all places), not because the actors or performances (unknown to me), and definitively not because director Gareth Edwards as this is his debut film. So why this was in my must be seen list?

The film production was US$15,000.00!!! Yes, fifteen thousand American dollars!

Considering the budget I have to say that the film is unbelievable as unbelievable as the crew that with the ultra-low budget was able to do a decent film and I just imagine if the director had a better budget, like let’s say 100% more, what he could do with double the money; obviously Mr. Edwards has become a filmmaker with a clear and promising future in filmmaking.

If you’re not interesting in seeing with your own eyes what US$15,000.00 can do and wish to watch the movie just for plot, because you like sci-fi or because you want to see grandiose special effects then I strongly suggest to stay away from it as you will be disappointed as is what some viewers have called “a lame love story” and I add, not much else.

Still considering the budget which means unbelievable tight production resources have to admit that the thrilling part of the drama/thriller/sci-fi was quite good and at a few moments story and thrills even made me think of Tarkovsky! Yes, before we were able to see the creatures and when they are in the zone; doesn’t this sound familiar to Tarkovsky’s fans???

Anyway film also written by Edwards tells about six years ago a NASA probe that on return crashes in Mexico and soon after new life form began to appear and half of Mexico (yes, up north) was quarantined as an Infected Zone. Today, American and Mexican military still struggle to contain the creatures and with this setting an American photojournalist reluctantly agrees to escort back home in the US, the daughter of the magazine owner where he works. As you can imagine everything goes wrong.

Absolutely this UK production is the best film I ever seen considering budget and is better than many movies that are produced with more magnanimous budgets.

If you’re interested in filmmaking this movie is absolutely must be seen!

Enjoy!!! (yes, considering the micro-budget!)

Watch trailer @MOC (also included @MOC the behind the scenes with enphasis on HOW the movie was done and yes, I think Mr. Edwards has broken several filmmaking paradigms)

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