Friday, November 05, 2010

The Four-Faced Liar

An unexpected very good surprise as movie is well acted with a common story but with a good twist that keeps your attention thanks to what I call a very-smart script that somehow maybe because the New York City setting gave me the feeling of watching early Woody Allen! Yes, that’s how good the movie is IF you like talkies, hmm better, smart talkies.

Tells about five twenty-something that are trying to find themselves, well maybe four are the ones trying to find themselves as the fifth seems to be the only one that knows what she wants. Two best friends, Bridget and Trip meet the perfect couple Molly and Greg, as they get to know each other Bridget and Molly discover the one person that really and completely get/complement them.

I really enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it to many that read the blog and enjoy the lesbian interest genre, as even when is not the normal story told in the genre, I’m sure many will enjoy these characters that seem so real plus so common (almost like your next door neighbors) that becomes truly refreshing.

Honestly is a great discovery and have to admit that I enjoyed very much the emotions –confusion, attraction, broken hearts, and surely love that Marja Lewis Ryan (Bridget) and Emily Peck (Molly) transmit. Very emotional and very good, consequently is a must be seen movie! Do not skip this great film.


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