Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Lux Cinema Prize

The European Parliament’s annual film prize LUX was awarded in Strasbourg on November 24 to the film Die Fremde by Feo Adalag. Feo Adalag is the first woman ever in competition for this award and now is the first ever to win award.

Receiving the prize, Mrs Aladağ said "I made Die Fremde because I believe we live in a multicultural society which can no longer rest on promoting consensus but must rather find new ways in dealing with arising divergence. The LUX Prize is an essential bridge between national identities and beyond. That is why, for me, the European Parliament's commitment to culture and education is of such great importance."

Parliament awards the annual LUX Prize to films that illustrate or question the founding values of European identity, explore Europe’s cultural diversity or contribute insights to the EU integration debate.

To read the official press release go here.  A very good film won the award this year and film is so impact-full that is also Germany's submission to Oscar.

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