Saturday, October 23, 2010


With a fantastic cast and according to trailer what promises to be a fun-to-watch film Red was a total disappointment for me as unfortunately found it not entertaining, full of uninteresting situations and a total underuse of excellent actors with non-interesting characters that had odd-looking performances, especially Helen Mirren that was the main reason why I wanted to watch this film.

I understand that film is funny and hilarious according to some, so perhaps that’s where the film goes wrong for me as I don’t appreciate American humor as does nothing much to me. As some of you know my kind of humor is dark -very-dark- and there is nothing dark in this film. Still I didn’t liked the general or the ‘romance’ between the two Americans and the Brit/Russian characters, not even the boring action sequences or the sarcastic plot twists; I liked nothing in this movie! (LOL!).

I wasn’t going to write about the movie but decided to do so I can keep a record here and to share with those that their kind of humor tends to go to the darkish side, that if you skip this film you’ll not be missing much. Honestly I wanted to have a good escape moment but when film was over all I wanted was my money back and to recuperate the time I spent watching this film.

Red means Retired Extremely Dangerous but for me meant Really Excruciatingly Disappointed! Gosh, been quite a while since I watch a movie that I strongly dislike, hope it takes a very-long time until I find another film like this one.


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