Saturday, October 23, 2010

Queer Frame

Most of us know that is not easy to watch LGBT films as in many countries film will never be in your neighborhood theater. Lately Internet has proven to be a good distribution outlet for films to be watched by VOD, but most sites have mainstream film catalogues and seldom will we find the occasional –but always old- LGBT film available for us to watch.

Since a few months ago I have been following the development of a VOD site dedicated to ONLY LGBT films. Site started with a small catalogue but slowly has been increasing its catalogue with more films. Today site announced the acquisition of seven new films, including some that I’m looking forward to watch, so I decided to share with you all the address of Queer Frame a site open to world audiences that slowly but surely is increasing its catalogue with good films.

I haven’t watched a film yet at the site but I imagine that films will be in their original language and surely will have Italian subtitles as Queer Frame is an Italian site, so if you understand Italian definitively is a plus to use the site as most available films are not originally in English. Anyway prices to stream films start at 0.99 Euros, to download at 3.99 Euros and you can also shop for DVD’s.

If you’re interested in browsing the site go here.

Hope that in the future more VOD sites with only LGBT films will become available so world audiences can find the site that has subtitles in a language they understand and/or that most of us understand, English.


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