Sunday, October 31, 2010

Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats)

As some of you that understand French know, movie name is the imaginary love(s) and did translation because film literally is about that subject matter, the love that is more imaginary than real. Very good exploration of this not so-common explored kind of love which confirms that Xavier Dolan has a unique style to tell his stories and most of all a true unique style to visualize his films. After watching so many bad movies this film came like a fresh breeze that delighted my eyes and also my ears with a score totally integrated to the narrative.

Film tells about two friends that “fall in love” with the same guy and how Nico becomes first an object of their attention, later almost an obsession, to finish with both suffering as Nico does not returns their attention/obsession/love. As in his previous film Xavier Dolan does everything including the beautiful clothes that Marie (Nonia Chokri) wears and is one of the leads with an excellent performance. I liked actor’s performances and most pleasant is the little surprise at the end of the film when Louis Garrel does a cameo that starts all over the story.

As a film is very Xavier Dolan with the use of primary colors, beautiful sights of Quebec in autumn, great framing of many scenes, slow pace to allow watching and feeling absolutely everything, with a great music score/songs that will sound too familiar and inviting to sing along. As we know film premiered in 2010 Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section where won the Regard Jeune award.

The film is non-conventional thanks to peculiar and particular Dolan’s narrative and visual storytelling style, so know that is not suited for general audiences but for those that like art in their films. I liked the film more for the visuals than the story that was a little bit predictable for me, but film is not about destination, is about travelling the little details and nuisances of human behavior.


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