Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Day 6 and Day 7 @ 67th Venice International Film Festival

You can't miss a day in the fest as yesterday was the screening of the usual "film sorpresa" (surprise film) with a documentary by whom been called "master documentarian" Wang Bing. The film: The Ditch that seems will be hard to watch, but definitively will watch as I like the style. To read the press release go here.

As there are many films decided to separate the list by days for better reading.

Day 6

In Competition

Essential Killing, Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland, Norway, and Hungary
Meek's Cutoff, Kelly Reichardt, USA (Like Reichardt style-will watch)
The Ditch by Wang Bing, Hong Kong, France and Belgium (was this year's film "sorpresa")

Out of Competition
I'm Still Here by Casey Affleck, USA (yes the doc about Joaquin Phoenix)
Vallanzasca - Gli Angeli del Male, Michele Placido, Italy
Raavanan, Mani Ratman, India (yes is Raavan that I liked a lot)

Controcampo Italiano
Ma Che Storia by Gianfranco Pannone, Italy
Ward 54 by Monica Maggioni, Italy and USA (out of competition)
Sposero Nich Vendola by Andrea Costantino, Italy (short film - out of competition)

Cara Cremada by Lluís Galter, Spain
Xifang Qu Ci Bu Yuan (Reconstructing Faith) by Huang Wenhai, China
Verano de Goliat by Nicolás Pereda, Mexico and Canada
Many Short Films

Special Events
Minnesota Clay by Sergio Corbucci, Italy, 1964

Il Domestico by Luigi Filippo d'Amico, Italy, 1974
Cassotto by Sergio Citti, Italy, 1977

Venice Days
Cirkus Columbia (Circus Columbia), Danis Tanovic, Bosnia Herzegovina, France, UK, Slovenia, Serbia and Belgium
Cielo Senza Terra (Heaven Without Earth), Giovanni Maderna and Sara Pozzoli, Italy

International Critics' Week
Svinalängorna (Beyond), Pernilla August, Sweden, 2010 (was the official date)

Day 7

In Competition

Promises Written in Water, Vincent Gallo, USA
Noi Credevamo, Mario Martone, Italy and France (with Toni Servillo!)
Balada Triste de Trompeta (A Sad Trumpet Balad), Alex de la Iglesia, Spain and France (seems surrealistic)

Out of Competition
Prezit Svuj Zivot (Surviving Life), Jan Svankmajer, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Controcampo Italiano
Into Paradiso by Paola Randi
Achille by Giorgia Farino, Italy (short film out of competition)

Tsumetai Nettaigyo (Cold Fish) by Sion Sono, Japan
Per Questi Stretti Morire (Cartografia di Una Passione) by Giuseppe Gaudino and Isabella Sandri
Many short and medium-length films

Special Events
I Crudeli (Hellbenders) by Sergio Corbucci, Italy, 1967

Cinque Ore In Contanti by Mario Zampi, 1960
La Manina di Fatma - episode from Cuori Infranti by Vittorio Caprioli, 1963
L'Onorata Societa by Riccardo Pazzaglia, Italy, 1961 (oh! Domenico Modugno! and Vittorio De Sica)

Venice Days
Notre Etrangere (The Place In Between), Sarah Bouyain, Burkina Faso and France

International Critics' Week
Oča (Father), Vlado Škafar, Slovenia, 2010

A few days ago I was able to watch the AMAZING trailer of Aleksei Fedorchenko's Ovsyanki Овсянки (Silent Souls) and even if is just a trailer (more than a trailer seems like the film beginning) I was absolutely captivated by the visuals, immediately became Must Be Seen for me. Today I'm reading that the film got a 12-minute standing ovation from the audience plus first critics' reviews headlines are very positive (don't want to read much). In my book the film has become a major contender for the top award. Check the trailer at the trailers blog, okay I make it easy for you and go here.

Also today I found a lot of interesting news but only one was about Venice fest, an interview with Noomi Rapace that if you like her I strongly suggest to watch the video. Check facebook wall to check the video plus other news about Telluride, one film I have to watch: The Illusionist, one film I will NOT watch, and more.


Perhaps some of you will be interested in watching Pablo Larrain's interview at arte.tv, if you do go here (available only in French or German - but film images are in Spanish with English subtitles)

I still go 'gaga' for Catherine Deneuve and obviously I'm watching/reading everything about Potiche, but arte.tv has a Petite etude comparative entre l'interpretation de l'une et celle de autre. Deux reines, deux epoques (a small comparative interpretation study with two interpretations - one from the film the other from the famous stage play) that I strongly suggest to watch here.

Today's Photo

A very nice photo of Michelle Williams at the premiere of Reichardt's Meek's Cutoff. Remember to click the photo so you can appreciate it more.

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