Sunday, August 15, 2010


Started to read reviews but stopped as more or less talk about what I imagined while watching the movie. Yes, I imagined that regular Bollywood circuit countries audiences will not like (if not hate) the film, while not regular Bollywood circuit countries audiences will like this movie and seems I was right. Why? For starters this is NOT your normal Bollywood film even when has the same story structure (everything is good in the beginning, in the middle things get bad, to finish with a happy ending or a terrible finale), has many songs, some dances, actors speaking Hindi perform in their particular way, and -of course- the leading man cries.

Before I go on let me tell you that I'm sure that I watched the international version which probably was not shown in India as has way too many kisses and even one scene with the main actors making love. So with this said, I say: this is the BEST Bollywood/Hollywood film I've seen up to date! Still has room for improvement but this action/western/romance/drama/tragedy film has little to envy any Hollywood similar story and style movie.

Alright, I don't say this is 'great cinema', but for entertainment purposes is quite entertaining and... Strange! Is like a roller-coaster of many styles that keep your eyes glued to the screen following the not-so-predictable story (thanks to great editing that moves back and forward in time) now with action a la Hollywood, now with scenarios and narrative a la Hollywood western, now with sugary romance a la Mexican soap opera, now with drama a la Bollywood and now with tragedy a la Greek ... and they do most styles not once but several times during the 130 minutes. On top the film is in Hindi, English and Spanish plus not all characters speak the same language to communicate and the 'icing on the cake' the story is set in Las Vegas!

Okay I'll admit it, I liked the movie more than I ever imagined in my wildest dreams plus the two leads very handsome Hrithik Roshan (Jay) and diva Barbara Mori (Natasha/Linda) are absolutely eye-candy! LOL!

Tells the story of a low-life Jay -or J- (Roshan) making his living in Vegas marrying woman to help them get the green card and doing odd jobs until he finds riches when he meets a very wealthy girl, whose father and brother are casino owners and -obviously- Mafiosi. At the brother engagement party J finds that the soon bride-to-be is none other than the only woman he married that touched him, so things get a lot complicated when Natasha (Mori) shows him that he also deeply touched her. I'm telling the basics but the excellent thing is that the story is not told correlative or -if you wish- in order and I left out a lot to not spoil too much the movie.

As expected by now, yes I do recommend the film as a very strange but good Bollywood/Hollywood movie like no other you have seen before; obviously for pure entertainment purposes or to kill some time in a -very- different way. Plus if you enjoy watching American dancing movies or shows, you have to see the excellent dances in this film that are only at the very beginning.

The only not-so-good thing about this movie is that recently I watched a film with a similar story that unfortunately I didn't reviewed and totally forgot the name. But was a Mexican movie.

Have to say this, up-to-date this is the best Barbara Mori film I've watched, but does not mean much as her previous films are really terrible.


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