Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Wright

As a few days ago Queen Latifah was in the news (with some very "old news") and since had some time to watch a film decided to give a try to her latest as -for entertainment purposes- I have enjoyed some of her romantic comedies. Unfortunately this is not the case with this film even when there is good chemistry between Latifah and Common but the story not only is too predictable but the ride becomes boring with many not so credible situations that annoy you for being so much out of reality and you get to think "how on earth Latifah didn't changed the dialogue and narrative".

Story tells about Leslie Wright, 35-years-old, single, heavy basketball fan, and physical therapist that cares too much for others and not much for herself, until she meets Scott, the star basketball player; but he falls for Leslie's best friend... until he realizes that she's not the love of his life, is Leslie. Gosh, sounds so silly and honestly, the story is kind of silly.

But watched the complete movie just because I do enjoy her screen presence and definitively if you enjoy her you have to watch the film that she totally saves by just being there.


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