Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Improving the Blog

Since a long while ago I wanted to publish the blog's posts in facebook and wanted to be active in Twitter. Isn't until this very moment that finally I'm able to do both!

As you can see there is a new Twitter widget showing whatever could be in my mind and most important, showing the latest Movie On posts. Alright, I'm so excited that haven't tuned the settings, but I'll do it in a moment. As a matter of fact after a couple of hours playing with Twitter I already got three (3) followers! (Thank You Very Much fellow tweetee's) That's the power of Twitter, everything goes really fast in there.

Now my facebook friends will also get in their News feed whatever I post in the blog, so only if they're interested in reading they will have to come to the blog. Since my Wall is public anyone with a facebook account can check the wall to find what's going on at the blog and visit only what calls their attention.

So my dear friends, now you can follow me by coming to the blog, checking Twitter and/or facebook as everything is integrated and communicates with each other.

My first experiment will be with La Mostra, will try to have different information in each service, but as mentioned, blog posts will be in all services. Absolutely will continue learning until I hope to know 'everything' and be completely ready for 2011 Cannes.

This is the second important step into becoming again myself. The third is having all my stuff with me, which will happen soon.

2011 is the year of the new re-invented me and my new profession that has lots to do with movies, but also with the Internet, software and other related stuff.



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