Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 Montreal World Film Festival

With none other than Gérard Depardieu giving a master class the fest will open on August 26 and will run until September 6.

Here is the Official Selection for the World Competition

Adem (Oxygen), Hans Van Nuffel, Belgium and Netherlands, 2010
Akunin, Lee Sang-il, Japan, 2010
Box: Hakamada jiken - innochi towa, Banmei Takahashi, Japan, 2010
Dalla Vita in Poi, Gianfrancesco Lazotti, Italy, 2010
De La Infancia (On Childhood), Carlos Carrera, Mexico, 2009
L'Heritage, Christian Lara, Guadeloupe and Gabon, 2009
Hisshiken Torisashi, Hideyuki Hirayama, Japan, 2010
The Land of the Astronauts, Carl Colpaert, USA, 2010
Das Lied in Mir, Florian Cossen, Germany, 2010 (interesting story)
Limbo, Maria Sødahl, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Trinidad and Tobago, 2010
Le Mariage à Trois, Jacques Doillon, France, 2010 (will watch)
Nannerl, La Soeur de Mozart, René Féret, France, 2010 (I'm curious)
Peremiriye, Svetlana Proskurina, Russia, 2010
Rendez-vous Avec Un Ange, Sophie de Daruvar and Yves Thomas, France, 2010 (will watch)
Route 132, Louis Bélanger, Canada, 2010
Tannod, Bettina Oberli, Germany and Switzerland, 2009
Tête de Turc (Turk's Head), Pascal Elbé, France, 2009 (with Ronit Elkabetz, will watch)
Tromper Le Silence (Silencie Lies), Julie Hivon, Canada, 2010
Twelve Thirty, Jeff Lipsky, USA, 2010
Wenecja (Venice), Jan Jakub Kolski, Poland, 2010

To check information about each film and also to check the shorts in competition, please go here. Also the fest has the First Films World Competition with some very interesting movies that you can check here.

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