Friday, May 21, 2010

Queer Palm News

As we all know tomorrow the first ever Queer Palm will be awarded to a film in competition and we still are not sure of which films are being considered as there is no list at their official site or anywhere else for what matters. Not a really good beginning for an award that’s looking forward to be part of the official festival. I hope that tomorrow when they announce the winner at least they will tell the films that they considered.

On other 'related' news today at the American Pavilion will be the 4th Gay Soiree (ie party). According to Armand Lachance, event director at the American Pavilion, the pavilion has always been friendly! The first party was when Shortbus was at Cannes and since then every year they do it. This year the expects 300 to 400 people as it’s not easy to have access to enter the zone with the expositions pavilions. Hope someone publish some photos, but I can easily imagine some celebrities that are in Cannes and will not miss this party.

Anyway, by late tomorrow we will know who won the very first (unofficial) Queer Palm.


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