Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Moon

As world premiere of the Twilight saga third installment is getting closer, I finally decided to check the second installment that as many of you already know, I didn't enjoy much the second book. Yes the book was not as exciting as the other three, but the film definitively was. Surprise! I got so involved in the story that I was wondering if that story was in the second book or not. So I checked the book and got hook again so I'm reading the third, Eclipse, again!

I believe that the second installment is a lot better movie than the first, but after checking reviews and viewers comments, I know that some believe both are bad, the first is better or the second is better, which means absolutely nothing new when you're watching popular, commercial and entertaining movies based on extremely popular books.

Repeating myself, I paid attention to Kristen Stewart long before she became the celebrity she currently is and find this actress intriguing. When she finally gets rid of the Twilight saga movies, hopefully she will direct her career in the course she was before Twilight. Still, I'm so looking forward to be able to watch her latest performance in a movie that hopefully will rock my memories, as she plays Joan Jett from the Runaways. So, it's not surprising that what I liked more about New Moon is her performance and I'm sure that's the reason why I liked so much the second installment. (lol!)

The film basically is to kill some time and enjoy simple escape entertainment, unless you know Kristen Stewart before her current celebrity status. If you do, I'm sure you will enjoy her performance here as much as I did.

I'm ready for Eclipse and look forward to continue enjoying this saga as I know the story gets a lot better.

Oops! I'm forgetting something. Do I recommend the movie? Only if you enjoy the books, enjoy the story and wish to have an escape moment.


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