Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Cannes News

There are many news about the fest that will start next Wednesday but none is as rare as the latest that says that today the fest organizers will announce a new addition to the main competition.

Ken Loach's Route Irish will be the 19th film in competition.

I'll wait until the announcement is at the official site to include the film in the post.

If you feel like checking the films that will be screened at the Cinema de la Plage please go here; there are many restored films -like Zinnemann's From Here to Eternity- but also some World Premieres -mainly documentaries like The Two Escobars and Rock 'n Roll... Of Corse! check the complete list here.

The first Masterclass to be announced is with Marco Bellochio and to read about it go here.

Surely the 'funniest' news is about Italy's Minister of Culture Cannes boycott due to the screening of (very good) Draquila. Gosh they do anything to call worldwide attention as was allover the news dispatches.

There are 24 films competing for the Camera d'Or. Only one comes from the main competition, four from Un Certain Regard and the rest from the parallel sections. Check the complete list here.

In the past week I have added many videos at the trailers blog, so if you wish to watch a clip or trailer for a specific film you probably will find it there.

Will be back later hopefully to include Ken Loach's film at the post.

Latest... THE WEATHER -storms are expected again- and the Ash Cloud... fest organizers are designing contingency plans if/when celebrities don't arrive ... on time! Gosh, nothing like an empty festival due to weather and volcano eruption!!

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