Thursday, March 25, 2010


I sort of liked the movie, say "sort of" as has many moments that are very darkish funny; but is uneven as in my opinion the director was not able to control the storyline and there are moments that are just too predictable and boring. Still if you like American darkish movies that play with the absurd then this is exactly the movie for you. But if you read comments around the net I beg you to not think that this is John Walters alike as this film is very far from the extraordinary Walters characters. Still I was puzzled and watched until the very end that was predictable, of course.

Tells the story of Anora (great performance by Laura Harring) that's abused by her husband and children, so she constantly day-dream about a happy romantic story. Anora's life is really miserable until a new neighbor, Imogene, arrives and turns around her life, but they fall for each other and are caught by racist Anora's husband. Anora kills her husband and the movie turns into a road movie until they reach their destination and more crazy things happen. Yes, is a dark-dark story but the film is not that dark.

The film looks and feels very low budget but I believe that performances by Harring and the actors who play her kids save the movie and make it watchable. So I don't expect much from the film beyond a crazy sometimes funny story.

The movie is total lesbian interest but it's not your regular genre film so unless you want to watch an irreverent, absurd and darkish film I suggest you stay away. Still I know that many will be curious and will watch it.

If you enjoy American indie films then I'm sure you will enjoy this Slamdance fest co-production where director Nancy Kissam won the 2007 Screenplay Competition award and the film went to win the Jury Award at the 2009 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film for Best Fiction Feature.


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