Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As Sheila Kohler says at her official web site "she was driven to explore the reasons for violence within intimate relationships, in particular, the abuse of power and privilege" and that's exactly what this movie is all about as is based on Kohler's book with the same name. The only problem I have with the quote is that I found no real reasons for the film main character, Miss G (Eva Green), to abuse her power and privilege. But honestly it really does not matter much as Jordan Scott's (yes, Ridley's daughter) debut is interesting as a filmmaker and storyteller that makes us almost all the film wonder what was going on (besides the obvious) and does it with great cinematography, very nice takes and great period costumes worn by young girls at an English boarding school in the 1930's.

The story on the surface is about jealousy and free-spirit behavior in an era where the second was not an acceptable behavior for women. But there are hints to a deeper layer that's only uncover in the abrupt finale, that I didn't particularly enjoyed.

I believe the film is worth watching if you let it go and enjoy all that happens in three quarters of the film and you don't get much upset or taken back with the finale that the only clue I'm giving is that has the style of lesbian interest movies of another long go era.

I got real curious with story and probably will read the book to hopefully fill the gaps that I can fill with a little fantasy but most "reasons" are unsatisfying to me. I suggest to some of my loyal readers to watch the film, especially to Chaos, and please share your vision of the story.


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