Monday, March 15, 2010


Was not really looking forward to watch this movie as the synopsis suggested horror. Well there was some horror in this film but definitively was not the genre. Horrific acting (really on the very-bad side), horrific camera work (make the horrific acting look worst), and a awful story that not even with better actors, camera and directing could be entertaining to watch.

Tells the story of a overprotective and demanding father who happens to be a doctor and researcher that wants her young daughter to become a doctor/scientist. She wants to study literature and write poetry. She can't stand the situation and attempts suicide. Half her face is desfigured and you will not see it as she's most of the movie bandaged. She's in shock and kept in bed. The father hires a live-in nurse. Nurse and patient fall for each other. Don't imagine romance as acting is so bad plus awful camera that scenes look pornish.

The production definitively is low budget and looks like it with only one location where everything happens including the doctor/father and nurse operating on patient. Really terrible and honestly had to fast forward to the end as I had enough.

One thing made me think this film: how great and impressive was Mathieu Amalric performance with one eye in Le scaphandre et le papillon; here the bandaged woman had two eyes but she couldn't do anything credible with them.

Really bad film. Watch it at your own risk.


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