Monday, March 29, 2010

63rd Cannes Official Poster

Today the fest organizers unveiled the most beautiful official poster with none other than lovely and extraordinary performer Juliette Binoche. Bravo! Besides the poster is blue (one of my favorite colors), plays with light, the photo is by Brigitte Lacombe (suggest to check her site and check beautiful Meryl Streep portraits) and graphic design by Annick Durban. Here is a copy and paste of the official press release.

"Before the announcement of the official Selection on April 15th, the Festival de Cannes unveils its poster: the image of the 63rd edition is a photograph of Juliette Binoche by Brigitte Lacombe.

Continuing the series of heroines as representations of screen mysteries, initiated two years ago, festival organizers were charmed by this allegorical figure of the cinema who gives life to the image with a single stroke of her luminous brush.

The figure illuminates the scene with her presence; the magic of her enigmatic gaze heightened by her austere attire, the grace of her gesture is an invitation to follow.

(Credit : copyright © Brigitte Lacombe – graphic design Annick Durban)"

But if you feel like reading it at the official site please go here where you can also check the fest teaser playing with similar graphic design as the poster.


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