Sunday, March 21, 2010

34th Hong Kong International Film Festival Lineup

As mentioned the fest will run from today March 21st until April 6th and has over 300 films from 50 countries most are simply put, worth watching. In the Asian Digital Competition this year they have the following films.

寻欢作乐 The High Life, Zhao Dayong, China, 2010
牛皮2 Niupi er (Oxhide II), Liu Jiayin, China, 2009
Guang Ban (Sun Spots), Yang Heng, China, 2009 (wow, visually stunning, impressive-must be seen)
夜郎 Tangle, Liu Yonghong, China, 2010
父后七日 Seven Days in Heaven, Essay Liu and Wang Yu-Lin, Australia and Taiwan, 2010
나는 곤경에 처했다! Naneun Konkyeonge Cheohaessda! (I'm in Trouble!) , So Sang-min, South Korea, 2009
Mother is a Whore, Lee Sang-woo, South Korea, 2009 (described as "darkly transgressive... hmm, I'm very curious))
회오리 바람 Huiori Baram (Eighteen), Jang Kun-jae, South Korea, 2009

With only two world premieres, most films in the Asian Digital Competition come from famous fests, especially Rotterdam. Gosh that's what I really hate when I'm not able to do my usual research, I should go back to this year Rotterdam and go in-depth, for sure will find interesting films to watch.

Opening Films
月满轩尼诗 Yue Man Xuan Ni Shi (Crossing Henneessy), Ivy Ho, Hong Kong
如梦 Ru Men (Like a Dream), Clara Law, Taiwan

Awards Gala: 团圆 Tuan Yuan (Apart Together), Quanan Wang, China (will watch, yes is the2010 Berlinale Opening Film and winner of the Best Screenplay)

Closing Films
安非他命 An Fei Ta Ming (Amphetamine), Scud, Hong Kong, 2010
前度 (Ex), Heiward Mak, Hong Kong, 2010s

Watch Sun Spots trailer @ Movie On Companion and check Youtube fest official uploads with most film trailers the fest will screen. To browse the fest site please go here.

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