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Monday, February 01, 2010


I’m sorry but I can’t make a serious post about this movie that according to the World box office is most likely to become the number one Money Maker of all times but still has a long run to reach the number one spot as the most watched film of all times, that spot belongs still safely to Gone With the Wind. Hmm, still I’ll try to be serious.

The movie has the most amazing special effects in 3D that I have ever seen. Watched in IMAX 3D and was impressive as I really felt inside the movie and totally got the sensation that if I turned backwards I was going to see whatever was on the back. Awesome!

I truly believe the film deserves the top Academy Special Effects award and the same from all FX awards given in the world. Also I believe that this film should be considered as an Animated Feature Film and if some members of the film industry have little conscience they will admit that the film is more animated than anything else. If they accept it, then Avatar should win the Academy Best Animated Feature Film as the “animation” is surely superior to Up. Yes, I think digital animation has leaped forward with this film and the new technology that was invented will become the industry standard for the near future (near because technology moves really fast). If you think I’m speaking nonsense just think that two-thirds of Avatar was created by a “bank” of computers and the “animation” was done LIVE (i.e. real time) with actors against a green screen. By the way the Live part is one of the few things that was invented and the effect was created to allow expressions and emotions in the “animated” characters.

With this said, I think that the movie in general is just awful. A movie should be the sum of all its parts and this movie lacks a breakthrough story; a story that could be as outstanding as all the excellent technology that was invented for the storytelling. Huge Shame. To stay with James Cameron let’s use an example, Titanic. Titanic had a great story and actor’s performance plus excellent production values and some acceptable special effects made the story and the film a great (and very emotional) cinematic experience. Avatar does not. Cameron totally missed an excellent opportunity to make a great cinematic experience again. He forgot two very important things, the role of human actors in favor of “avatars” of actors and he forgot the importance of a great story. Huge Shame!

Do I recommend the movie? Yes I do. You have to watch it in 3D just for the awesome special effects but do not expect much more and you will exit satisfied. Do I think deserves the top honors that started to collect? No I don’t. Honors should be given to COMPLETE experiences, the total sum of ALL parts and Avatar does not rate well as a total experience.

Still, if your LOVE cinema -in all its components- maybe you should NOT watch this very disappointing film that leaves you wishing you could get back the money you paid for the admission ticket. That’s exactly what happened to me and I knew the story was not good but never imagined that was THAT bad.


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