Friday, December 04, 2009

J'ai tué ma mere (I Killed My Mother)

Very exhausting and emotional film that I believe will touch hard many whiled others will not stand it. No idea what will happen to you, but me touched me deep like if I was watching my own life even when nothing shown is similar to my experiences, except the dysfunctional love/hate relationship with mother and the wide differences between each generation and education. The film is full with angst, loud screaming fights, strong words, sweetness, mother/child love expressions, and great humor. Xavier Dolan’s oeuvre (wrote the script when he was 16-years-old, directed, plays the lead role, and produced) is quite impressive for his young age (20 years-old) but the story inspired in his own life is one that only a young person could write with so much realism and accuracy that transcends age and nationality frontiers to become universal, if you’re a single child living with a single parent.

The story tells about the love/hate relationship between 17’ish-years-old Hubert Minel (Xavier Dolan), and his mother Chantale (Anne Dorval) with Hubert keeping silent about his personal life, disliking everything his mother does or says which represents the opposite of what he has become. He tries to remember when they were best friends and does his best to make amends. But it’s impossible, they have become incompatible.

Hubert is gay, but to me that’s secondary in the story and is not the reason for them being not compatible. Still, there are enough scenes to make this film of gay interest. But this film is and should be totally mainstream as his homosexuality is inconsequential to how the story evolves and I even believe that is the source to facilitate humor in the film.

As a film is impressive for a first timer. It’s not perfect and you can see the imperfections, but you can also see how attention to details is paid, very nice framing in many scenes, great use of black/white close-ups, writing in the screen and performances tempo are worth mentioning. Sometimes visuals are so great that totally distracts you from the intense narrative but also recreation of lower-middle class Quebec lifestyle is so realistic that visuals blew my mind.

As most of us recall the film is Canada’s submission to the Oscar’s, won three awards at 2009 Cannes plus has been collecting many more honors . I believe that this film is too strong for Academy members, but I would not be surprised if it makes it to the short list.

I really liked this movie but have to admit that is a hard to watch movie because is an intense drama. Still I do believe that is so mainstream that many will enjoy it and here we have another 2009 Cannes winner that is more mainstream than what they usually showcase.

I do recommend this movie as a must be seen film with a budget under US$1 million and a first time filmmaker that suggests will be around to continue making great films after being a child actor.


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