Sunday, November 08, 2009

陽陽 Yang Yang

This is a movie all about cinematography and starts loud with a light saturation that will hurt your eyes, then almost all the movie is filmed with hand-held camera (which means the screen constantly moves), almost all scenes are close-ups and many scenes have texture. Sounds interesting isn’t? Well could have been interesting if the director paid more attention to the narrative as 112 minutes of not always interesting images is too much without a strong story to follow.

There are many so-called “beauty shots” of Sandrine Pinna, the exotic girl of Miao Miao that’s Eurasian and here plays an Eurasian character, but in most of the shots she doesn’t look beautiful because lenses and director were more interested in giving texture to the movie than in showing Pinna’s clean and young beauty that delighted my eyes in Miao Miao. Shame.

Most surprising is to find when the credits roll that Ang Lee is the consultant. I do not know what kind of consulting Lee did but this movie is nothing similar to any of his excellent movies, including the ones when he started. Shame.

I cannot recommend this movie and if someone says that is art… hmm, then is very pretentious and irrelevant artish cinema. Shame.


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