Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Proposal

I was in the mood for something light, very light. A romance drama just sounded perfect especially because the leads are Ryan Reynolds (that I like in serious roles) and Sandra Bullock. The Anne Fletcher film is light but the story too predictable about a boss that falls for the secretary/assistant and changing the gender roles does not make the story less predictable. There are some funny moments where even I laugh, Bullock does stiff good and Reynolds is a doll as the assistant/secretary.

I like Sandra Bullock but lately she (or her agent) have not been selecting good roles as her movies are okay, but not outstanding in whatever genre (romance, thriller, comedy, drama) like the ones she used to do before. Hope her next movie is more than okay.

If you feel like watching a very light movie for pure entertaining (or killing time) purposes then this is the movie for you.


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