Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Marketing Movies - Update

So seems that's America where marketing reflects their society. Please check the trailer that was recently released in UK, surely and clearly sells a gay drama.

--end of update--

Marketing can make or kill a movie and now that we are in Oscar season strange things start to happen like for example what a distributor is doing to the movie A Single Man that recently released a second trailer that totally removes the gayness from the plot. Take a look at both trailers.

Trailer issued by Tom Ford's production company

Trailer issued by the distributor

So, what do you think??? Isn't terrible what marketing can do??? Did you noticed that in the second trailer they removed Colin's character two lovers actors names from the credits?! And if you watch the second trailer in Youtube and read the info you will notice that it does not say a thing about this movie being totally gay.

I don't think that issuing a de-gaying trailer will help the film with the homophobic Academy members, meaning, will not increase or decrease its chances. Colin Firth already has buzz for best actor, so perhaps they are trying to get buzz for Moore like they claim in the trailer. Haven't seen the film but if they are trying to break the Brokeback Mountain Oscar curse, it will not be by pretending that this film is not gay.


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