Wednesday, December 02, 2009

30th Blue Dragon Awards Winners

A few hours ago the award winners were announced and here they are in *RED.

Considered as a blockbuster movies award, this year among the nominations there are two films that definitively are worth watching, Mother and Thirst. So here are the nominations for the main categories.

Best Film
Take Off, Yong-hwa Kim
Good Morning President, Jang Jin
*Mother, Joon-ho Bong
Thirst, Chan-wook Park
Haeundae, Je-gyun Yun

Best Director
*Yong-hwa Kim for Take Off
Jang Jin for Good Morning President
Joon-ho Bong for Mother
Chan-wook Park for Thirst
Je-gyun Yun for Haeundae

Best Actress
Ok-bin Kim in Thirst
Ha-Neul Kim in My Girlfriend is an Agent
Hye-ja Kim in Mother
Kang-hee Choi in Aeja
*Ji-won Ha in Closer to Heaven

Best Actor
*Myeong-min Kim in Closer to Heaven
Yun-seok Kim in Running Turtle
Kan-ho Song in Thirst
Dong-kun Jang in Good Morning President
Jung-woo Ha in Take Off

To check the nominees and award winners in all categories go here for English and here for Korean. The award ceremony will be on December 2nd.

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