Monday, October 12, 2009


From 2008 Cannes and in competition Atom Egoyan’s film is a true think-piece about all sorts of post-9/11 questions that include, ethics of terrorism, deceptiveness of appearances, technology facilitating dialogue while hiding truth, etc.; so, it’s a somehow dense movie but gives you the choice of just following the story of Simon and his family which superficially is what the movie clearly tells.

The problem is that if you follow the obvious superficial story there are huge chances that you will not find it much interesting and will see a movie about lies, lies and lies.

As a movie has Egoyan’s peculiar narrative style written allover plus extraordinary cinematography with Canadian autumn looking almost perfect and great violin music speared along the entire movie; also there are some excellent visual compositions and some specific takes that are really superb cinematic moments. Performances are acceptable for me, but I don’t enjoy Scott Speedman performances in any of his movies and here is not the exception. Still other actors performances didn’t excel for me too.

I loved watching the spectacular Canadian autumn that made me recall the beauty of Maple leaves and trees and liked the few visually outstanding moments; but I didn’t really enjoyed performances (bad casting) and the story. So, for me is a so-so film worth watching only for the “art” elements.


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