Thursday, September 24, 2009

Star Trek

I was not looking forward to watch this movie as I imagined was going to be another noisy and full of amazing special effects movie that will make me crazy. Noisy? Yes. Amazing special effects? Yes. Made me crazy? NO!!! It is really entertaining and visually amazing with some excellent special effects made with light and many others effects that are okay done with the regular stuff.

What can I say that hasn’t been said? Nothing, but here I go with the same. Producers, actors and directors did a great job, but writers did a better job as the going back to when Jim Kirk was born is a great idea. At one moment I imagined was going to be like the Star Wars saga that went back to tell the story from the beginning; but surprise, surprise (at least for those that are not hard trekkies) goes back and brings back characters from the future including Mr. Spock.

You have no idea how excited I got when all the characters started to appear until the last one, Scottie. It was so fun, that I felt like a little kid again. Honestly, if you ever saw the original series you will simply love this film.

Most surprised was that I started to recall so many things from the TV show and maybe I’m more trekkie than what I imagined. After all I recalled when I first got to Canada and had nothing in the apartment, not even a TV; but each Saturday (or Sunday?) I used to go to have breakfast at a brasserie just to watch Star Trek… well, reruns of the show!!! Definitively I’m more trekkie that no one knows.

Highly recommend the movie for an escape moment and perhaps, to recall the good old days when everybody was younger. Hope they do more as good as this one, I’ll watch them a lot faster.


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