Tuesday, September 22, 2009


What a delicious surprise! This François Ozon film might not be his usual style (or story) but definitively was a great ride into (not so) light fantasy that I know has to have different meanings to viewers and according to whatever each individual beliefs, some may like it and some may not. This was another French film that I had to stop reading reviews and comments in English, as whatever they say wasn’t definitively what I saw.

The film starts like a regular/normal drama. An ordinary single mother, Katie (Alexandra Lamy) meets an ordinary foreign man, Paco (Sergi Lopez) and they fall in love and form an ordinary family that includes nine-year-old Lisa. For about half the movie you will see their ordinary life and perhaps the only drama comes from the little girl deadpan performance that shows is not willing to easily accept Paco in her family. But there is something that tells you and quite constantly reminds you that “something” is going to happen: the music score. Very good use of music while telling the ordinary lives of this trio.

One of the most amazing things about this movie is that moves in time swiftly and sometimes you do not know if a day, a week, a year or how long time moves from one scene into the other. This may be confusing for some, but soon enough you know that time fast forwarded to a different moment. So, eventually Katie has a baby with Paco and Lisa says the name: Ricky. Truly amazing twist! The story changes, the movie style changes and finally you know what the music score was telling you will come! All the changes become more evident because the first half is really ordinary while the second half is really extraordinary!

I really wish to continue telling what happens after about half the movie, but I believe I will totally spoil the movie for you. I even went out of the way to find a trailer that does not give the most amazing story twist from this movie, so if you want to watch the trailer, go ahead as wont give the story away.

So, what did I see in the story? I saw a story about being different and how different can be accepted as not unusual or “normal” within the inner circle of your loved ones, who keep it a secret and within the closed doors of your home. When is out in the open, people can accept you, no fuzz and no so big deal. But media is always looking forward to make you a “freak”. So, you’re only choice is to “fly away”, “go away”. Yes, that’s what I saw, but also I saw a very unusual love story between mother and child, and between all the family members.

Needless is to say that the film has excellent production values with great performances by actors. Having worked in Advertising I know how hard is to film children and have no idea how hard was for Ozon, but the scenes with the very young actor that plays Ricky are truly fantastic and flawless.

The movie was in competition at the 2009 Berlinale and I do not understand why has no more honors. At the same time I think I know, as this is not a film for everyone when deals with a very young child, in a dreamlike magic role and indeed, lots of very unusual fantasy.

Anyway, I highly recommend this unusual story to many regular blog readers, but have to remind all of you that is true French cinema with slow pace, inconsequential everyday actions and well, this time has a clear (at least for me) ending. A must be seen for Ozon fans, even when some will be disappointed with the storytelling style he uses here.


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