Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Folk flest bor i Kina (Most People live in China)

The film is also known as Utopia – Nobody Is Perfect in the Perfect Country.

This collection of small segments tied by one narrative that tells about a gas station in the middle of nowhere (like Norway is, according to the producers) was done to represent (or mock) Norway’s political parties and as far as I read it does a good job as got honors in local festivals. The problem is that I do not know a thing about Norway politics and much less what was happening in 2001 when the movie was produced.

So you probably say: why would someone watch something about something that know nothing? Well, I knew there was a lesbian interest segment; that by-the-way is caustic funny and so realistic in many ways but is perhaps the shortest segment of all.

The extremely funny thing is that I really liked this film that I believe is about people and their crazy ways as human beings. But most of all I like it because REALLY made me relax and feel good after a not-so-good day.

So if you ever have a terrible day then perhaps you should give a try to this movie that I’m sure will lift positively your spirits and the perspective about yourself and all people from anywhere in the world. This is a small world after all.

Enjoy. (Couldn't find a trailer.)

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