Friday, August 28, 2009

Die Tränen meiner Mutter (My Mother’s Tears)

I find the movie premise interesting as is about a couple that flees Argentina in the early 80’s with their boy Alex and end up in Berlin living in an industrial loft with a group of odd people, mostly artists. The story is told by Alex and is an autobiographical recount of the director, Alejandro Cardenas-Amelio that definitively is watchable, a little entertaining and non-political drama. But I needed more ordinary life drama as I found the movie too light for the theme and kept watching just to find what happens in the end of the movie, which by the way is the beginning.

Watching until the end was easy because tech package is good especially the sets and cinematography. This Argentina and Germany production was honored at 2008 Shanghai fest were won the Golden Goblet Best Cinematography, was nominated for the International Jury Award at 2008 Sao Paulo International Film Festival and perhaps the most colorful character Sik played by Alice Dwyer was honored at the 2008 Max Ophüls Preis fest with the Best Actress award.

This is a movie that you will not remember after watching as it does not have a storytelling that will impact you; but the film is entertaining because the many characters and the many regular life incidents that happen.


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