Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Dama do Lotação (Lady on the Bus)

As I imagined –but was hoping not to happen- I couldn’t endure the movie that to me it was just an excuse to show Sonia Braga at her erotic prime in one, two and many more sexual encounters that for me became boring after a few I saw completely; the rest I fast forwarded!

The film has a story that could have been interesting as writer Nelson Rodrigues oeuvre is known for being against the Catholic Church and the establishment. Two childhood friends marry in a big wedding. Solange (Sonia Braga) goes into marriage a virgin. But the first night she freezes, asks for more time, she cannot have sex with her husband. The husband rapes her. A friend tells Solange that probably she’s cold only with her husband, so she suggests trying another man or men. She takes the advice and starts to ride buses to have sex with strangers.

One thing was simply outstanding for me, the original music by Caetano Veloso! But I’m familiar with all the songs in the movie, so nothing new; just the pleasure of listening to old recordings.

Probably I will not watch another Pornochachada soon and definitively I liked a lot more Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos that was more interesting to watch.

I have to thank a dear blog reader for sending me the movie and give me the opportunity to watch another Pornochachada with Sonia Braga. Many Thanks!!!

This movie could appeal only to those that are interested in watching a very young Sonia Braga sans clothes many, many times.


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