Monday, August 03, 2009

Beautiful Boxer

Sometimes stories in films are so powerful that really does not matter that film tech specs, performances and script are not that good. This is the case with this film based on the true story of very successful kickboxer Nong Toom that since being a little child wanted to be a woman and thanks to his powerful and strong kickboxing style earned enough money to help his parents survive and have the surgery that will free him from a body that didn’t matched his inner self to finally become a beautiful woman that today is as famous actress in Thailand.

The story is told as a flashback when Toom/Parinaya , who is days away from the sex reassignment surgery, gives an interview to a foreigner reporter. So you will see the story since he first got the feeling that his body didn’t matched his inner self, when he felt repulsed by kickboxing, how he became a monk, had his first fight, started training, was allowed to use makeup while kickboxing and became the Thai and international sensation as the most beautiful kickboxer in the world.

This 2003 film is definitively one that I highly recommend for the amazing true story, but please do not expect great performances (they are too woody), a good script with well developed characters and/or great tech specs. Still, the film has won several honors mainly at LGTB fests, but also at the 2004 San Sebastian fest and the 2004 Thailand National Film Association Awards.

If you know something about kickboxing or if you don’t, I’m sure that this film will teach and show you the very interesting sport that’s not so familiar to western audiences and Asanee Suwan that plays Toom definitively is a great kickboxer in real life and in this film.


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