Sunday, July 19, 2009

À l'aventure

In the latest installment of what Jean-Claude Brisseau calls as his “exploration of desire and sexual pleasure” he really went further than what he did in his previous three films (L’Ange Noir, Choses Secrètes, Les Anges Exterminateurs) with the same theme. In my opinion he became really pretentious as gave us very basic lessons about physics, hysteria, hypnosis, (etc), and spent so much time talking about “cheap” life, world creation, (etc), philosophy that was truly annoying which make the sex scenes more raw as after all the “serious” talk, the scenes seem like they came out-of-the-blue with no plausible reason to be there.

The film basically tells the story of an unsatisfied woman, Sandrine, that leaves work, family, and friends in search of the “meaning of life” or better, something that explains her what is she doing in this world (which obviously she never finds!) or even better, how to achieve the strongest orgasm. So she embarks in a very talky/chatty adventure that the only moments when no one talks is when they are having sex in all the possible combinations that, as expected, includes one, two and three women having sex with each other. This time the lesbian sex is mostly not interesting to watch and definitively looks like the scenes are targeted to voyeurs, male voyeurs.

Also this film seems like the director wanted to make it all about erotic voices (in some scenes you have characters describing sex experiences or talking raw sex) that in my opinion his choice of actors was not successful as their voices are really monotonous and definitively not erotic.

If you saw his previous films and got the impression that the sex scenes were bordering porn, then I suggest you skip this film as definitively here Brisseau becomes more explicit and have less believable build ups.

On the positive side, the main character Sandrine is played by Brisseau’s new discovery, Carole Brana that is good looking, performs better than secondary characters, and makes quite easy to watch the film even with the annoying story developments. Also landscapes are great, some locations are spectacular and some scenes have great compositions.

The good news is that according to Brisseau, this is the last film he does with the desire and sexual pleasure theme and I’m really glad, as I couldn’t take another of his “explorations”.

I watched the complete film because I wanted to keep looking at the main actress and wanted to know where her adventure will take her. Unfortunately her adventure takes her nowhere. Thus, I cannot recommend this film to those that like the lesbian interest genre, French cinema, trashy arty films or whatever else. I cannot recommend this film to anyone!


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