Saturday, June 13, 2009

She Must Be Seeing Things

This 1987 film by Sheila McLaughlin probably was interesting to watch in the 80’s when there were not many lesbian interest movies as the film tells about a couple, Agatha and Jo, and the jealousy of Agatha; but today this is frankly a terrible movie in every sense of the word. The story and the film are so BAD that is incredible that a woman filmmaker dared to tell the story the way she did, as definitively then and now the story is just awful to watch. But more terrible are the three different layers used to follow the real world of the two women, the imaginary world of one of them and the film within a film set in 17th century with nuns, using this style just made narrative boring and the end product really-really bad.

I definitively do not recommend this movie that earned the "worst" lesbian interest film I have seen up to date award; consequently if you skip it, you will not be missing much.

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