Monday, June 29, 2009


Not often I write about films that are not movies, but this film is so stunning, breathtaking, and beautiful to watch that I have to write a little about it, as is one that I strongly recommend to be seen by everyone in the world, mostly because the images and visuals, as the film message… well, that’s something else.

Some are saying that this is no documentary that is a big advert and perhaps there is some truth as by now many more people know that Gucci –and other brands- belongs to the PPR Group! I tend to believe that this movie is a documentary that documents “moments” of the Earth, just like photography does. Interesting will be to have another Earth film, lets say 10 years after with the same locations to see how different –or not- they look. This is one of the values I see to this document that is recording a “today” moment and could be reference to a “tomorrow” moment.

I saw it on Youtube, but the images are so incredibly beautiful that I’m shopping for the Bluray HD version, as definitively is one film that has the most amazing aerial views of our planet and one that I could see several times to gather the details of the visually outstanding images. Also I have to see it with the original audio, as seems translations are not the best and people are finding mistakes. So for those that understand French I strongly suggest to see it in that language.

Talking about the message is getting into trouble. But since I watch it in English and many are commenting the mistakes the translation had, I will only tell you that I find the message confusing, not clear. Spends so much time describing the problem and so few minutes describing possible solutions, that the tone and manner seems very apocalyptic and made me think “so what? …we human race will disappear… eventually, with our help or without it”. Not exactly the message of a film that supposedly invites viewers to take action, isn’t?

Anyway, perhaps after I watch it with another language narration I will get a different message or maybe I should play some beautiful music and watch the stunning aerial images with no sound!!!


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