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The 2009 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (aka frameline33) will take place from June 18 to 28 and I totally got lost with the large amount of lesbian interest films that the fest will screen this year. It took me two days to digest the feature films and haven’t finish checking the shorts!

From the feature films I found two that definitively are must be seen and already added them to my wish list, but there are a few more that you can check in the following list that includes some already known to the blog feature films and documentaries.

*Family, Faith Trimel, USA, 2008
And Then Came Lola, Ellen Seidler and Megan Siler, USA, 2009
Assume Nothing, Kristy MacDonald, New Zealand, 2009 (80 minutes documentary)
The Baby Formula, Alison Reid, Canada, 2008
Bandaged, Maria Beatty, Germany, 2009
Champion, Shine Louise Houston, USA, 2008
City of Borders, Yun Jong Shuh, USA, 2009 (66 minutes documentary)
Drool, Nancy Kissam, USA, 2009
East/West – Sex & Politics, Jochen Hick, Germany, 2008, (97 minutes documentary)
Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement, Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir, USA, 2009 (67 minutes documentary)
Fagbug, Erin Davies, USA, 2008 (83 minutes documentary)
Ferron: Girl On A Road, Gerry Rogers, Canada, 2009 (77 minutes documentary)
*Fiona’s Script, Florencia Manovil, USA, 2008
*Fruti Fly, H. P. Mendoza, USA, 2008
Ghosted, Monika Treut, Germany, 2009
Chica Busca Chica (Girl Seeks Girl), Sonia Sebastian, Spain, 2009 (Shown as a 80 minutes feature film)
Hannah Free, Wendy Jo Carlton, USA, 2009
I Can’t Think Straight, Shamim Sarif, UK, 2007
Leonera (Lion’s Den), Pablo Trapero, Argentina, Brazil and South Korea, 2009
*The Lollipop Generation, G. B. Jones, Canada, 2008
*Mississippi Damned, Tina Mabry, USA, 2009
*Night Fliers, Sara St. Martin Lynne, USA, 2009 (must be seen for me)
*Not Fade Away, Susan Boyer and Wayne Boyer, USA, 2008
Off and Running, USA, 2009 (80 minutes documentary)
Seeds of Summer, Hen Lasker, Israel, 2007, (63 minutes documentary)
*The Other War, Tamar Glezeman, Israel, 2008 (45 minutes medium-length film)
Standing-N-Truth: Breaking the Silence, Tim Daniels, USA, 2008 (70 minutes documentary)
How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up, Debra Chasnoff, USA, 2009 (66 minutes documentary)
To Heach Hew Own, Heather Tobin, Canada, 2008
To Faro, Nana Neul, Germany, 2008
*Sono Tuki Ga Michiru Made (Until The Moon Waxes), Iri, Japan, 2007 (60 minutes medium-length film) (want to see this)
*We Are the Mods, E. E. Cassidy, USA, 2008 (must be seen for me)

*New feature films to this (and the other) blog. In Bold, feature films.

For the first time since I started to follow festivals, I found a fest with such a large lineup that made me do something I haven’t been able to do with LGBT fests. I choose the new feature films that I would like to watch! I know that I will see other feature films and some documentaries, but it really felt good to be able to say "I want to see this" and "I do not want to see this"!!! This is only possible when you have a wide selection. Finally I'm allowed to be selective!

To check info about the features, documentaries and shorts with lesbian interest go here and get lost with the 114 any-length and any-type films. Wow! If you want to browse the gay interest films, the fest lists 108 any-length and any-type films go here and is the very first time that a fest has listed less gay interest films than lesbian interest films – this is a milestone for the blog, lol! Also, 41 films labeled transgender interest and 31 bisexual interest.

Lucky those that live nearby San Francisco and wish to spend a few summer days watching movies and attending great parties.

Okay, I'll try to find trailers and will post them @ Movie On Companion... but it will take time, so please be patient...

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