Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ce qu'il faut pour vivre (The Necessities of Life)

Canada’s official submission to the Oscars is a true beautiful to watch movie with a very compelling story that absolutely plays with your emotions not only because of the story but mainly because of an outstanding performance by Natar Ungalaaq that with his face expressions and body language will take you into a strong emotional roller coaster ride from loneliness, hopelessness, confusion, and desperation into the opposite emotions and feelings. This is a very intense emotional ride done with the most spectacular production values that contrast life up north with still very north Quebec City.

This Benoît Pilon film is set in the 1952 and is inspired by a tuberculosis epidemic that broke out in the Inuit population of Canada’s far north in the 40’s and 50’s. Tells about a stricken man, Tiivii (Natar Ungalaaq), that’s yanked from his isolated home to a Quebec City hospital, where he experiences profound culture shock and is unable to communicate with anyone. This is not a story about government policies, even do it does touch the subject; this is an extraordinary story that explores human behavior in a magic and very unexpected ways that will touch you genuinely with not much melodrama –even when the story could be melodramatic- thanks to the truly impressive performance by Ungalaaq and the magic of a director, cinematographer and a remarkable music score. While watching the movie I was truly in awe, totally mesmerized by the visuals and I was feeling all the emotions Tiivii was feeling in the story. Outstandingly Amazing!

Film’s tech specs and production values are really exceptional and you have no idea how extraordinary is Ungalaaq performance; perhaps if I share a viewers’ comment will help. The comment mentions that this is movie that could be silent cinema and you will totally understand everything that happens with Tiivii, as he outstandingly conveys to the audience everything that’s happening inside him with his amazing face and body language.

Definitively a movie that I highly recommend for an extraordinary cinematic experience and one that has a slow pace and many gorgeous moments with absence of words; but I’m sure that in this particular case many would appreciate the opportunity to enjoy in deep awe what’s going on the screen.

Absolutely must be seen.

Big Enjoy!!!

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