Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Trailers

Not really inspired today for creating names, so the new blog’s name for now is “Trailers” (lol!) with a tag line that reads “Movie On Companion”. I know it will change eventually, but for now will stay with such uninspired names.

To check the functionality of the blog I already have some trailers (and at least one or two surprises), most come from the trailers I have here in previous posts. The idea is that from now on I will post a trailer for the films that have the “unusual” review; so you will find a link at the end of each review. I have done this for the last five (5) movies I’ve seen and will continue to do it with the movies I see in the future.

Also there you will find the trailers for the Official Selection In Competition films that have released a trailer until today and I will continue to update only in the new blog. For the other sections please see the posts here.

The new blog has only two posts in the home page (for now) but you have some tabs that spread a menu or do something else. I suggest you explore the tabs with a click that will show the menu at the tabs on top or some pics at the tabs at the bottom. The pics are movie posters and if you click them will take you to the post by opening a new window, so you have to have this option active in your browser.

As I find “interesting” movies I will post the trailers when available, so there will be new and different entries there than in Movie On. Also I found an excellent way to include the synopsis as I really do not like much the very long posts and for now I do not want to use the “read more” option that makes them shorter. Yes the synopsis will be in the new blog even if there is no trailer and/or poster; obviously the post will be updated when the trailer and/or poster becomes available

I decided to open the blog today because I need your help to check that everything works as always something may not be working properly when you have a new template that you tweaked a lot. So, please help me by visiting the blog and clicking on everything. You can leave me your comments here, there or –as always- email me (as my public comment shy friends do, lol!).

To check the blog go here or use the link in the first column.

Well, hope that the “popular” demand is satisfied and you’ll enjoy the new blog.


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