Friday, May 22, 2009

Show Me

I have known about this 2004 film for quite a few years and even if I wasn’t avoiding it, I had no desire to watch it. So, you can say that my expectations were really low as the little I read about the story didn’t appeal me and Canadian films tend to have their own style that feels and look more like made for TV movies.

So with the very low expectations I had, have to say that this psycodrama, as many call it, has twists and turns enough to not guess correctly some of the plot, but also has many highly predictable moments. Can be entertaining but also has some long scenes that make you wish the plot will develop faster and reach the point that you know is going to happen. So, at the end for me was an unsatisfactory cat and mouse chase that switched viewers’ character likeability in way too predictable ways.

The story tells about a woman driving in heavy traffic learning that her much expected out-of-the-city 10th anniversary celebration was cancelled. A teenage street girl cleans her car window and the woman rudely dismisses her. They’re looking at each other from afar, until the woman calls the girl, says sorry and gives her money. Gosh, you never do that, much less from the passenger window. From that moment on the movie turns into a thriller when the two kids get inside the car asking for a ride that becomes kidnapping -after some twists- when they arrive at the woman’s country cottage. Is here where the so called psycodrama starts with one third dedicated to the woman, another third to the male teenager and the last third to the female teenager.

I saw the entire movie, but cannot say that I enjoy it neither as a thriller or as a psycodrama; but was acceptable as a story about liberating some of your past issues that tint your present existence.

As many of us know this is a lesbian interest movie that in my opinion has not much lesbian interest in it and can’t explain or will totally spoil the movie. But as a genre film from a director, Cassandra Nicolau -that has done quite good short films in the genre-, then have to say that if you skip the movie you will not miss much.

My experience with this film no matter how I see it, was quite unsatisfactory from the story pov, the production values and actors performances even when I had very low expectations.

I cannot recommend this movie.

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