Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Les Grandes Personnes

The debut film by Anne Novion is beautiful to watch with spectacular cinematography and great framing of many beautiful landscapes of one island in the Göteborg archipelago in Sweden; but the story even if is sweet lacks dramatic moments to make it a great film with a good story.

The story is simple and tells about librarian Albert (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) that each summer takes her daughter Jeanne (Anaïs Demoustier) on vacations to a different country in Europe. The reason is her birthday and in for her seventieth birthday they go to a small island in Sweden. As they arrive to the house Albert rented they find that the house owner, Anika (Lia Boysen), is still there as she confused the dates and she has Christine (Judith Henry) a Parisian friend visiting. So, these are the four characters that for a few days will interact and we will follow them day by day for a few days. Okay, a few things happen, but none is remarkable.

What the film has is excellent tech specs especially the framing of some indoor and outdoor takes that are breathtaking; also has good actors performances, especially Darroussin that behaves like a grownup child and you really believe him in this not really pleasant role. The film was in competition at the Semaine de la Critique at 2008 Cannes and Anaïs Demoustier got a nomination for Most Promising Actress at the 2009 Cesar Awards.

Excellent tech specs are not enough to make this film a great film as after watching you get an unsatisfactory feeling that something is missing in the story. To me it was a little more drama between the father/daughter relationship or Jeanne experiences. Still if you’re in the mood of watching excellent cinematography then perhaps you can give this French/Sweden production a try, but definitively you have to like at least European cinema.


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