Monday, May 11, 2009

La Fille de Monaco (The Girl from Monaco)

Nice film by Anne Fontaine (remember Nathalie?) that apparently is light and breezy dramedy, but really deals with Fontaine’s (she co wrote the script) recurrent themes of sexual attraction, unexpected actions by serious people and close friendship relationships. This time is one not so usual trio composed by a serious lawyer, his bodyguard and a young free spirit beautiful woman.

The film tells how Parisian Bertrand Beauvois (Fabrice Luchini) falls for TV weather presenter, Audrey (Louise Bourgoin) while he’s in Monaco for a high profile trial in which he’s defending a posh older lady who murdered his younger gigolo boyfriend, who was supposed to be related to the Russian mafia. Because of the later, Beuvois was assigned a 24/7 bodyguard Christophe Abadi (Roschdy Zem). Even when the story of an older man falling for a very young attractive woman has been already told in many ways, here what makes the difference is the presence and interaction of the bodyguard. For most of the picture what happens seems like -and is- smart comedy, but eventually the movie gets serious and drama unravels to not really positive consequences.

Performances are remarkable especially the debut of Bourgoin -who in real life was a TV weather presenter- that does her bubbling character quite well and just let me share that she got her inspiration from the outstanding Brigitte Bardot role in And God Created Woman, so you can imagine how her character traveled the required sexiness. Also quite remarkable is Roschdy Zem (yes, he’s this year Camera D’Or jury president) that does a very credible and engaging performance as a stern/professional bodyguard. Both Bourgoin and Zem got nominations at the 2009 Cesar Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor and believe me both are well deserved. As always Luchini is impressive with excellent comedy timing that creates great contrast when he does his dramatic scenes. Tech specs are fantastic with outstanding sightseeing of beautiful Monaco.

I believe that this is a very French movie that maybe only those that really enjoy this country particular cinema style could find it satisfactory and entertaining so definitively is not for all audiences. I had a good entertaining moment watching the breezy story, good thinking moments watching the moral behind the story and really great time watching the performances.


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