Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cannes Opening Ceremony

In the fest site is up what I think is the Red Carpet in the original version and with English translation. The video with English translation is here and if you want to listen to French up in the right corner select fr.

Yes is the red carpet and this year was sort of "strange" to watch, at least the last half. The first half is the Jury entrance and was great to see Isabelle Huppert and all the Jury members. The second half is the UP movie crew. See, for me Cannes is glamour and well, the director, co director and animators and their wives do not exactly fit the "glamour" that was always present in the opening of Cannes. It's my impression that the organizers tried to glamorize the moment with the presence of great Charles Aznavour, but for me it only made more obvious the awkward moment.

The best part is -obviously- Aish on camera, that not only did an interview but also was great to watch in the photo call. Besides Aish, the Jury members and a few French actors, this year there were not many celebrities in the red carpet TV transmission.

Now let's hope that soon they have ready the ceremony as the audio is available, but more fun to watch the video. Already uploaded a short version (about 6 minutes) of the ceremony, but for is too short and just gave the desire to watch it all. Hope they upload the complete ceremony, but for now you can watch The Best Of here with English translation.

It is really great to watch the complete Opening Ceremony because of three things: first, the clips from all Cannes movies with Isabelle Huppert –that by the way in one of the many videos I saw today someone say that out of the 80 films with Huppert, 50 have been in Cannes-. Second, the clips from all the movies in the Official Selection, including the out of competition, some movies with new images different from the trailers and also images from those that have not released a trailer; and third because the song that if you saw Notting Hill (who hasn’t?) you will recognize immediately and the song was written by none other than Charles Aznavour, which is news to me.

If you feel like watching the complete ceremony go here, available only in French.

Well, that’s it for today, hope you had a nice Cannes opening day.

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