Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cannes News

Yes I have been reading a lot about Cannes but most news are more like gossip than serious news and as many of you know I avoid movie reviews until after I have seen the movie.

But today I decided to post something about my readings and what I have seen around.

Official Selection

I saw the photocall for the movie Ne Te Retourne Pas and it is truly impressing and shocking to watch (and hear) the incredible large amount of photographers that attended this photocall. In my opinion and according to my ears, all were shouting Monica, Monica… just a few shouted Sophie and none shouted Marina. Yes three quite good looking women posing together was too much for the photographers and if you browse the net you will find many photos from this photocall already up in articles. Monica Bellucci looked really glamorous in the video, but when you see the many photos of Monica and Sophie Marceau together you realize how beautiful Sophie also is.

The French press is really excited after the screening of Un Prophète with some saying that is the real“first hit” in Cannes and wondering if the Palme d’Or will stay in France again thanks to this film.

With beautiful scenes from the movie Bright Star, an interview with Jane Campion in my favorite serious Cannes site artetv. The interview is in English and I really recommend to browse the site for films info.

In the USA films news, Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey and Lee Daniels were there for the opening of Precious and you can watch the “red carpet” @ the Canal + Cannes site here.


If you feel like practicing your French check a video from a Canal + program that shows scenes from some films that will be screened in this parallel section. The Quinzaine this year is truly “gay friendly” as someone says in the video and I just discovered that J’ai tué ma mere is totally gay interest thanks to this video. Also today I found that Navidad is lesbian interest, but I’m still a little skeptical about believing that the film belongs to this genre. I suggest you check the video as many films have not released trailers yet. If you want to see the video go here.

If you want to see some images from Pedro Costa’s Ne Change Rien go here. To me the film looks like a doc, but definitively images are very art cinema.


Also from the same Canal + show a small video with clips from the Semaine that you can watch here. Again there are some clips from films that have not released trailers yet.

Last in the very irrelevant news, Brad Pitt is in Cannes, alone.


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