Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cannes News

Finally today the fest will start and believe me I’ve been trying to find a way to watch the Opening Ceremony live, but seems is not going to be possible… so, its going to be like last year that after the ceremony is over the video is going to “appear”. I have ready a few sites where I imagine the official video is going to be and as soon as is up I’ll share with you the link.

Some of you have been asking me what I think about this year Cannes and this is a brief summary of what I think: strange, different than previous years and with movies that from trailers and synopsis I know I will watch, but honestly, none makes me really excited and there are some that I know I will have to have a strong drink before I dare to watch them!

Then there are many well-known directors in the Competition and I cannot guess where the awards will go and honestly it does not matter, as I have the impression that there are way too many “commercial” (i.e. mainstream) films in the Selection this year. But then I hope I’m wrong and first impressions transform when finally I’m able to watch the movies that we all know could take up to year or more…

The parallel sections and Un Certain Regard have more interesting films and I’m definitively appalled by the presence of the many gay interest films and not even one that could seem to have at least a little lesbian interest -with the exception of Lee Daniels Precious that we know by now that it will not be easy to watch. So, I know is going to be a “dry” year for good lesbian interest cinema; still that’s not so different from previous years but I always hope to have great genre movies in the fest of all fests and is not happening. Sigh.

I feel that the Out of Competition section has films that could be great like Fanny Ardant directorial debut, the Chanel film and Marina de Van latest film; but I cannot get rid from the impression that all seem to be more mainstream than art house, art cinema, serious cinema or complete cinematic experience cinema.

Obviously the above types of cinema are found in many films in the Quinzaine and the Semaine, and this is not different from previous years. Okay, lets be more clear I needed in the main competition a film that could crush me like let say, the Christian Mungiu film in the 2007 fest, that’s why I’m complaining so much (lol!).

Anyway the fest of all fests will start in a few hours and definitively I have to watch the opening ceremony to see Isabelle Huppert and hopefully something else that will be entertaining.

To kill some time before the fest begins check this video that has some images from Cannes streets and all the mainstream advertising that decorates the surroundings including the new Transformers, Lovely Bones, Mechanic, GI Joe, Mechanic, Kamui, Shutter Island, etc. movies that definitively calls the attention of the person filming the video.

You know, next year I have to be THERE and I'll do it - just decided this... then I will take a camera and the videos will be more interesting (lol!)... this is a fest that if you really like movies you have to live it at least once in your life and next year will be my unique time to enjoy it!!!

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