Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cannes News… for the last time…

More Fanny Ardant @ Cannes

Now is about Tsai Ming-liang’s film Visage starring so many great French actors but in the photocall we have Fanny and Laeticia Casta only. Again lots of “crazy” photographers. Think I haven’t shared with you all that this film is co produced by the Louvre Museum, that’s why the film was really filmed inside the Louvre. Gosh not much Fanny, Laeticia takes the stage, why???

The interview. Has some mild spoilers, so if you do not want to know about this movie, avoid it and I will say very little here… it’s a dream… Truffaut alter ego? … Fanny talks… it’s like a puzzle… well, I already knew that this is a Must Be Seen movie for me.

Press conference. French and Chinese… hmm! … the managing director of the Louvre! … yep, it’s a “complex” movie: absolutely great!!!… the press conference is dedicated to François Truffaut … Ming-liang does not really understand French at all… it was the museum who invited him … too much info about the movie… have to stop watching or I will regret it…sorry. I really want to be surprised by this movie.

But now I understand why news articles were always mentioning the real life Truffaut and Fanny relationship… hmm! To watch the videos go here.

Also up is the video with the “steps” (red carpet) of Ashes and Blood. Nice to watch, Fanny is really gorgeous and wearing a short dress… very elegant and “different” to usual red carpet women… good!

Map of The Sounds of Tokyo

There are three videos (photocall, interview and press conference) that you can watch here.

Les Herbes Folles (Wild Grass)

If you feel like checking the trailer (well is more a scene) go to Cannes HD is in the playlist for May 20th. Also there Alain Resnais in the press conference. By the way the movie title in English is now in singular…

Enter the Void

This is another film that I do not want to know a thing about it… I want to be really a “virgin” when finally I’m able to watch it as I know that will surprise me. If you want to see the videos, they are up here.

Well, sadly, all the films in the main competition have been already screened by the time I’ll publish this post. So now is all about the awards.

I’m really grateful to the official site, as this year there was no need to go crazy and browse the net to find videos about Cannes; they had it all in one place. Thank You!

PSSSS... last minute addition.

For those that want to read Cannes predictions there are many in several languages... Some press "people" are "bored" as there are no more films... so, they're claiming for the results... I join their voices! (lol!) ... so I wonder if shall I dare to do predictions WITHOUT watching the films, just from trailers??? No way! But I wouldn't be surprised if Penelope gets best actress ... as some predictions coincide... the other actress with buzz is Giovana Mezzogiorno, that obviously I do not mind at all... and as many, I doubt that a French jury president will give the Palm to a French film again... but, if the film is good (as everybody's saying about Un Prophete) she could, after all is a very international jury. The other film with some buzz is Haneke's... hmm! from trailers I wouldn't mind at all. UK press gives the palm to English speaking films, including Tarantino (lol!)... well, we will know soon.

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