Monday, April 27, 2009

Secret Places

Definitively not what I was hoping for as this is what many have called a “sleeper” and I really almost fall asleep. The true problem with this 1984 movie is that has two –perhaps more-interesting plots but they are not developed at all.

The first one could have been very interesting as is set during WWII and could have explored deeper what meant to be a German (non-Jew) teenager refugee in a British provincial school for girls as the main character Laura Meister was. From this drama we see some sparse moments all over the movie; so in the end we see something, but almost nothing. The second one is the relationship between the two girls, Patience and Laura that almost –but not quite- turns into a wartime romance.

So, in the end the movie is an “almost” but “not quite” movie that leaves you totally unsatisfied even when there are moments that performances by the two lead young actresses are not bad. By the way both actresses are daughters of renowned thespians, with Marie-Theres Relin (Laura) being Maria Schell’s daughter and Tara MacGowran (Patience) being Jack MacGowran’s daughter. Also in the movie, Claudine Auger in a very forgettable role and performance.

It was the first movie directed by Zelda Barron and definitively she did a below average job directing and writing the screenplay that is based on a Janice Elliot novel with the same name.

If you decide to skip the movie you will not be missing much.

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