Friday, April 03, 2009


As some of you noticed I’m back (!!!) and I’m experimenting with a “new” way to do the posts for festivals. I’m sharing with you the brief synopsis posted for each film in the festival, as most of the time is what I read but didn’t publish here until recently.

But, as I start to have too many films in my head I felt I should leave here the synopsis to remind me what each movie is all about and I hope that most of you loyal readers now will easily read about each film and decide if it goes or not to your own wish list. When there is not a synopsis you can click the movie title and will take you to the review in the blog.

As I mentioned, it is an experiment as the post becomes a lot longer and not many like to read long posts; but as always the movies are highlighted and if you do not wish to read about the film you can just check the movie names and go to the fest site for more information. Also sometimes in not easy to grab the info from the fest site and in those cases I will only list the films as always.

Hope you like the “improvements” and I thank all that continuously visited the blog while I was “traveling”.


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