Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Flying Scotsman

Today was the day to enjoy Scotland set movies and this Douglas Mackinnon film was a surprise as the based on the true story movie was engaging and well, I like most performances by Jonny Lee Miller and this probably is one of his best.

The movie tells the story of Graeme Obree, the champion cyclist who built his bicycle including parts of washing machines and as many genius creators he had to battle his deteriorating mental health, as he suffered from clinical depression. The story could have been a sure melodrama, but I believe that great Lee Miller performance saves the movie from being melodramatic and a regular sports biopic.

Johnny Lee Miller got two nominations for this role as British Actor of the Year at the 2008 London Critics Circle Film Awards and Best Actor in a Scottish Film at the 2006 Scottish BAFTA Awards; also in the last awards the film got four more nominations, including one for Best Actress in a Scottish Film to Laura Fraser that some of my known readers may remember her from Nina Heavenly Delights.

The movie is a good drama that just happens to be about sports and as such I do recommend it for pure entertaining purposes. Perhaps some of you are wondering how come I’m watching so many entertaining movies and I will only tell you that when Mother Earth starts to shake you really need to distract yourself with easy-to-watch and very entertaining movies… as you really have to be aware of everything that surrounds you just in case you have to run out of your house fast!


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