Saturday, April 11, 2009


Not very often I will watch movies that mainly belong to the gay interest genre, but since I really enjoyed Eytan Fox’s The Bubble I decided to give a try to this film that was labeled as a romantic comedy. Gee, this time I’m really disappointed and from now on I will be more careful when I decide to explore Israel gay cinema.

The film portraits gay life in Israel and even if it has a “happy” ending, I feel that is all about loneliness and living in a big city, that actually is not so big as eventually everything comes back to the small circle of acquaintances that surround you.

There are some comedy elements that I simply found not funny and what helped is that definitively you cannot sympathize with the characters. The only positive thing I can tell about this movie is that really transmits loneliness and well, is not a pleasant feeling to feel in a romantic comedy, isn’t?

There are some lesbian interest moments in this film, but are so much underdeveloped that definitively I cannot recommend the movie in this genre or any other genre.

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